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Become knowledgeable in the carpet you need

If you’ve never shopped for new flooring before, it's hard to know exactly what to expect when looking for new carpet floors. It's a very exciting opportunity, but the excitement can be marred by the different options you have to choose from. Being able to narrow those down can help avoid lengthy shopping and ease your mind, all at the same time.

Make sure to consider your options, requirements, and preferences before reaching our flooring store. Understanding what you need can be just that simple.

We’re happy to help find your next new carpet

At The Carpet Mill, no one knows floors like our experienced professionals. And they'll immediately get to work for you as soon as you arrive. Browse our extensive selection of materials and ask any questions, as we’re here to serve you.

From our East Hanover, NJ showroom, we’re a carpet retailer that’s proud to serve the areas of East Hanover, Newark, Livingston, and Morristown, and we’d also love the opportunity to serve you. Be sure to visit at your convenience and let us know how we can help you with your flooring project.

Get the best deals on quality carpet in East Hanover NJ

Deciding to put new carpet into your home or business place can be exciting and offers property owners a great way to get a fresh look into any room. New carpet is also a wonderful way to add value to your property. But, finding the right flooring store in East Hanover, NJ can be challenging.

The Carpet Mill understands that buying new carpet is a big decision for most people. We understand that when you enter a carpet store you want to be treated with respect, and you want honest answers to your questions. You also want to have a large selection of high-quality carpeting to choose from. This is why we carry some of the most respected names in the flooring industry.

Our best-selling carpets are the Mohawk SmartStrand lines. Mohawk Industries has been manufacturing high-quality carpet for decades. They have also invested heavily in developing new fiber technologies such as SmartStrand to make life easier for those who purchase their carpet. And we have these at The Carpet Mill.

But buying your new carpet is just the beginning. Many property owners in East Hanover, NJ, as well as those in the surrounding areas of Newark, Livingston, and Morristown, have come to know that they can trust The Carpet Mill when it comes to carpet installation. This work simply must be completed properly or the customer will be disappointed. Our carpet installers are all trained, experienced, and skilled at their tasks. They and we are proud of the quality work we do and we guarantee you will be pleased with your installation.

For anyone in the East Hanover, Newark, Livingston, or Morristown areas, stop into our carpet showroom and see for yourself just how many options we have for you. We can discuss your needs and budget and come up with an affordable way for you to get the new carpet that you want.
Luxury carpet in East Hanover, NJ from The Carpet Mill

Carpet options that matter for you

Selecting your carpet fiber is extremely important, especially if your household is excessively busy. In such a case, you'll want to choose a fiber that stands up well under heavy traffic, resists stains well, and isn’t prone to crushing.

Nylon is a great choice for these needs, with polyester following close behind. To make sure you get the fiber that you need, speak to one of our trained associates. There is a perfect fiber for everyone, and we’ll make sure you get yours.

With upgrades in manufacturing technology, you'll find more benefits in carpet flooring than ever before. In addition to the stunning good looks this product has always offered, you’ll also get wonderful heat retention in the winter and impressive noise reduction.

This carpet flooring is still just as comfortable to walk and stand on, making an excellent surface for small children and the elderly. However, you can look forward to even more features.

With increased protection against stains, you might be surprised to find a carpet that offers superb stain-fighting action, coupled with impressive durability. The SmartStrand line, from Mohawk, is a great place to look for these benefits.

Don’t forget to make sure to utilize a professional installation team when dealing with carpet. They’ll assure that your floors look and perform their best, while also maintaining your warranty.