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Get more from your floors with area rugs

Many homeowners only think about area rugs regarding bathroom or kitchen rugs, that often work to catch excess moisture. But the truth is, these pieces can be so much more than that. They help to provide protection, add layers of beauty, and can even extend the life of your main floor covering.

There's no reason not to consider these pieces for your flooring, as you never know what benefits you might gain from them. If you’ve recently purchased, or are planning to purchase, brand new flooring, it’s an even better idea.

Area rugs from someone you trust

At The Carpet Mill, we know how much your floors mean to you. We work in every area to make sure you are nothing less than completely satisfied with your products. We'll focus all our experience towards making sure you're satisfied with your purchases.

Be sure to visit our showroom in East Hanover, NJ. From there, we provide the very best in flooring options for the communities of East Hanover, Newark, Livingston, and Morristown. We’ll be happy to add your name to our list of satisfied customers.
Stylish area rugs in Livingston, NJ from The Carpet Mill

Why should you choose area rugs?

If you have brand-new wall to wall flooring on your floors, area rugs could be just what you need to keep them protected and looking their best. Since big box stores only offer a limited selection, you’ll want to be sure and contact an actual area rug retailer.

The bonuses from shopping an actual area rug store are bountiful. You’ll get personalized assistance, aimed specifically at your very own requirements and preferences. Instead of sifting through a supply of limited selections, you can have your area rugs exactly the way you want them.

For the ultimate in protection, you place your rugs in spaces where guests come in from directly outdoors. This helps alleviate stray dirt and debris floating around to scratch and mar your hard surface flooring. It won’t get ground down into your carpets either.

You can also place these pieces underneath heavy furniture that would otherwise damage your floors, whether hard or soft. You might think you’ll never move those pieces, but if you do, you’ll certainly be able to tell, if some form of protection is not used.

Area rugs are also perfect because of their mobility. If they become soiled, they’re easily removed and taken for cleaning. On the other hand, they can also be moved simply to create a change in scenery from one room to another.